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Hobby update - 7-8-17

Well, here we are in August already - that didn't take long did it! I didn't have quite the painting time this last week that I normally would, but I still got a few things done. I'll be having a bit of a review of what's still on the table I think later on this week, probably including some pics of all the units I'm still working on getting done, but for now there's a quick look at what I've been up to recently, and a few broad plans for the future (subject of course to change at GW's whim next time they release something shiny I want).

First up then, what have I been working on for the dusk knights?

Well last time I left you I'd been doing some work on the missile launchers. They're still on the table though, I didn't get the time to finish them after all (mainly because I packed them up for last week's game earlier than I normally would).

Instead I decided to get some paint on some more devastators!

Really I should have worked on the lascannons, but they're not primed or based, so the plasma cannons got a bit of love instead!

Given how useful I've found them to be in my games, and the likelihood of me taking a pair in pretty much every list I might write for 8th edition, I then figured I needed to get some paint on the second contemptor (after all, I always end up switching this guy out for the painted one when it dies first, at least if they're both finished I won't have that faff)!

Please excuse the awful bright spots on the pic, I'm not sure what happened to my camera there! The yellow shoulder is being prepped for some hazard striping, something I've not done on the last few models I've painted so it'll be nice to get back to it. This giy is also likely to get a revamped base and a little repositioning done before his legs get painted too - I still think his hips are too wide and there's a simple change you can do with that to make the whole model much more dynamic.

Then, I decided to get some more work done on some vanguard veterans - I've had a sprue of them sat in my garage for a little while and made them up with lightning claws and thunder hammers to give me a few options in that squad (or just to take a big squad filled with nasty stuff)!

Very early stages for these models I know, but the power weapons will eventually have that deep red-yellow glow I'm really proud of on the finished 5.

So, I'm afraid that's all the painting I've got for you this week, but I did spend Saturday evening working hard at my Index Xenos 2. For those of you who follow my blog you'll know that for a long time I've been quite keen on getting hands on the genestealer cult, so I figured that with a few games of 8th under my belt I'd have a go at writing an army list. 

Turns out that's more difficult than it sounds. I wrote 2 in the end, the first of which I really wasn't happy with, the second more so, but I'm still slightly concerned I'm putting too much emphasis on firepower, which from the gsc isn't great at hitting and is quite restrictive. I'll save the actual list for another post this week for those of you who play gsc to rip apart (and please do as it's a style of play I'm not used to particularly), but after writing the first, I then had a flick through the other bits of Xenos 2, and went back to the Tau.

Ok, so I've started Tau twice before (and actually finished them once) but never really nailed a colour scheme I really liked on the table. The first effort back when they were originally released was a bad attempt at painting white, whilst the second looked really striking but due to time constraints was painted really quickly and sloppily. Also, in an attempt to avoid going down the dirty Tau cheese route, I ended up with an army that lost all three of its games at Fluffageddon and I don't think I really ever recovered from that!

I quite like the Index stuff however, there's far less reason to rely on a ton of markerlights (which is good as I hated painting drones) because they're much less effective now unless you drown your targets in them. On the other hand, with 8th being a much more balanced ruleset, I think it's much more viable to create a nice, balanced, 'combined arms' force, with all the variety possible from the Tau range contributing to an overall gameplan. So, out came the pen and paper and another 2000pt list was born - the Enclave v2 is its working title!

Finally, hobby wise I would normally put in quite a shift at the painting table on a Sunday night, but last night I had a couple of friends round as we're going to be embarking on a roleplay in the coming months. This one is based in the Star Wars galaxy so three of use had a great time putting our characters together. Now I'm not going to let on exactly what I've gone for just in case the other members of the roleplay read the blog as the gamesmaster has asked us to keep things quiet, but what I can say is that my character isn't the brightest spark in the team, but he is a bit of a charmer and you really don't want to be on the end of his right hook.

Till next time!

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