Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Hobby season short term goal 5 - to DONE!

Greetings people - hot on the heels of yesterday's progress update I've got a hobby season stamp for you all!

As you may recall, I broke down my hobby season goals into short term, medium term and long term goals, mainly on the basis of stuff I wanted to use now/soon, and stuff that I wouldn't be likely to need for a while.

Yesterday I completed the last element of short term goal 5, which consisted of a Razorback (Justice), a Jump Pack Librarian (Aquilino) and a jump pack Captain (Iago).

First up we have Epistolary Aquilino, I started building this guy last autumn from some bits and pieces I had lying around (yes I do enjoy using Black Templars bits for psykers). I had already got 4 librarians built for a conclave and figured a jump pack one would be handy.

With the arrival of 8th edition and Smite being the new hotness amongst the psychically empowered, I tried out a normal librarian but what I found was that having to target the nearest model meant I often wasn't in a position I would have liked. Adding a jump pack meant that I had far more options as to where my smite would hit, and it would also mean that the libby could be on hand with veil of time to help out any troops arriving from reserve and wanting to charge on the same turn.

In terms of details, as with many figures like this, he's a complete kitbash from my extensive marine bits box. The legs are standard tactical marines, the torso, banner pole and helmet plus a few added extras are all Black Templars parts, whilst the jump pack is from the Vanguard Veteran kit and the force sword is a Blood Angels encarmine glaive.

 I'm particularly pleased with the green glow effect on the blade, which I did to differentiate between this and my normal power weapon effects of red-orange (the Fruit Salad effect - credit Siph Horridus for that nickname!)

Next up was the first of my Razorbacks. I have two (at the moment). Manned by Techmarine Charro (who is very careful about just when he pops up to use the storm bolter!) this tank has rarely if ever let me down in a game. Again I've made liberal use of Black Templars pieces, mainly the doors and front glacis pieces, and I've gone back to weathering again (I've got quite a few figures now that need duffing up a bit, that's going to be a fun job!)

As far as I can tell, my opponents have been reluctant to shoot at it, presumably because they're more worried about the Contemptors heading straight for their lines or the devastators with lascannons pounding their units from afar. That does mean that the razorbacks get through a fearsome amount of work against infantry units though, for which I'm grateful!

And finally, the third part of the goal was Captain Iago. He's Captain of the Dusk Knights 2nd company - the Crusaders, and as such I figured it was only fair and reasonable to build him using the Emperor's Champion parts. Now as the fluff has the 2nd company being a crusading fleet (and therefore using Black Templars chapter tactics) I'm going to have to find another way of representing the Emperor's Champion himself (hmm, let me think on that one) but for now, since I don't really have any other 2nd company units it's not a problem. Now, that's fine as far as it goes, but I also like the idea of the Crusader Captain being like a bit of an avenging angel, so slogging around on foot wasn't quite good enough for him to my mind.

So I magnetised the backpack and gave him a jump pack as well. This is actually where he sees most use, because I find a jump pack Captain incredibly useful to have around my Vanguard Veterans in my games, providing those important rerolls of 1's (especially if I give them plasma pistols!)

As someone kindly pointed out(?!) painting the intakes on his jump pack red does kind of make him look a bit like Optimus Prime, but you know what? I'm ok with that!

So there you have it, my second stamp of approval this Hobby Season, and we're not quite a month in yet! Next to finish will probably be some devastators, then snipers and commissioned daemons.

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