Monday, 11 September 2017

Hobby update 11-9-17 - scouting for Tau!

Greetings all - time for another look at my hobby desk, though this week it's not quite as covered in paint as usual - this week it's plastic shavings and glue!
Right, so last week I mentioned that I'd picked up a box of stuff from a friend, some of which was to be sold and some would go into my Dusk Knights pile.

This first model is one of the latter - it was a slightly battered landspeeder, the main offender being some massive dollops of glue holding it together. It's now been stripped of paint and the glue removed. I've got some arms to add to the gunner and a multi melta waiting for installation, and I've added a spare set of the typhoon launchers myself. This should hopefully be ready for undercoating very soon, and will be used to provide targeting information to a whirlwind once I get the list up and running (and get hold of a whirlwind!).

The second item was a model I picked up ages ago, but decided to restore as part of this current project. The culprit here was the most bizarre attempt at getting movement into the dread frame I've ever seen, essentially glueing one of the feet on at a jaunty angle to try and make the dread look like it was running forward, without actually tweaking the legs at all. I've had to cut off the foot completely but having tried posing it I don't think it's obvious, so that's going to get sprayed up too, with plenty of weapon options, though I think twin lascannons is looking my favourite loadout for now (and of course he'll be venerable to take advantage of that) though as you can see I've got an assault cannon being readied too.

Next up (and thanks to a weekend away, last for this week) I've been working on a squad of scouts to get a 1000pt recon patrol list finished. They still need chapter badges, some black details and a little tidying up around the edges plus some blue highlights but they're very close to being done.

And yes, they are made from the passenger models on the land speeder storm kit. I've got some more to do, but these guys have come out quite nicely I think. I particularly like the 'relaxed' attitude to battle they're exhibiting by having a little sit down on the job!

Till next time,

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