Thursday, 21 September 2017

Hobby update 21/9/17 - Nurgle defeated

Greetings all, sorry about the silence on the blog for the last few days - I'm afraid that after my second weekend away in a row, I was struck down on Sunday night by the dreaded lurgy - there must have been some poxwalkers at that party I went to! Still, I'm pleased to report the evil forces of Nurgle have been banished back to the great rift, and progress is once more underway, so here we go!

First up, some stuff I managed to do before I went away, more scouts! I'm really enjoying these guys at the moment and have some plans for a 10th company list, so want to keep the momentum up!

I also decided to go a bit old-school when I was painting up my assault squad - gotta love hazard stripes!

The next squad up on my hobby season list is more devastators, having got all the fancier weapon types finished I've just got the heavy bolters left to do.

I've also looked a bit at Sire Gabriel once more, and have put together his reaper chainsword to give me other options, but the battle cannon seems the standout ranged choice, so I figured it made sense to paint it up!

This fella is Captain Jace Fenix, of Storm Company (8th). He'll also have a combi melta strapped to his thigh soon, but I wanted to paint them separately. And yes, that is a Grey Knights helmet he's wearing, I found it in my bitz box and as I wanted him to stand out from the crowd anyway it seemed a good idea.

A while back I showed off my finished Rhino, but the two razorback chassis I have, which I use more in my lists, were still sitting there unfinished. So, a little work on the assault cannons plus some wash applied to the rakarth flesh panels and it's underway once more.

Here's the razorback alongside its most likely passengers - Devastators.

And here's the latest progress on the heavy bolter guys, who now have all the rakarth flesh panels basecoated and washed.

And now for something(s) completely different!

Whilst I was laid up I decided a little gentle work wouldn't be unreasonable (I think being off sick and then spending all three days painting might seem like I was taking the piss a bit, but scraping a few mold lines here and there whilst watching Firefly would be something a little less strenuous. So here's the first three crisis suits for the enclave when I get back to them. I've mixed up the weapons a bit, partly to give me a flexible loadout to begin with, and partly to make sure I actually buy another box so I can do the mono-tasked squads I have in mind. For some reason I decided not to magnetise these guys this time (probably cos it's fiddly).

And then once that was done, I put some cleanup time into some tanks I've had sat around for a little while, earmarked for Genestealer cult use (or possibly Guard, I haven't decided yet with the exception of the Russ, which is definitely GSC)

I also then put some weapons onto torsos for the Neophyte Hybrid squad I've got stashed away, and in so doing got all excited and built the other 5 guys that were still on the sprue. Those with red will definitely become Guard once I get round to it as they're a veteran squad, but they can be proxied easily enough in the meantime.

So, that's your lot for this week - I'm still working on the next steps for my codex review of the marine book, and I've also put some time in on my commissions, though I haven't taken any pictures of those recently.

Till next time!

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