Monday, 25 September 2017

Hobby update 25/9/17 - Daemonic incursion and continuing blues

Greetings all! Seems like only a few days since I've done one of these, and then I remember that last week's was late, so it really is just a few days! Still, I've made some significant progress even since then to show you all, so here goes!
First up, let's have a look at Sire Gabriel. It's been aaaages since I put any significant time into my knight and he's been sat on my shelf sadly staring into the void quite a lot in the meantime. Every time I have used him I've enjoyed it and I figured if I painted up all the options and his base I'd be inclined to use him a bit more. So, I got a few base colours down on the reaper chainsword, and found all the magnetised bits for the battle cannon that have been sitting in my garage for months and set to with a brush. Last night I also started detailing the base a bit more having used up the last of my greenstuff building up some raised areas around his feet. There's some spot colours and maybe a few little fun details to add, plus the tiling on the ruin needs tidying around its edge, but otherwise it's almost there and I can focus on getting his weapon systems complete. It's also on my hobby season goals so I don't feel quite so guilty about working on him!

In between painting the seemingly endless red sections on my commissioned Khorne Bloodcrushers, I also found some time to get some basic colours on the seeker mounts. Now I need to figure out what spot colours to add to complement the scheme.

Next up was Epistolary Aquilinos - I bashed this guy together for a game last year and got some basic colours down on him but ever since then he's been languisihing, part finished, in my KR case. As I'm really pushing to get loads of the Dusk Knights done for the next Golovin campaign (oops did I just say that?) he seemed a perfect candidate for completion, and one evening's work sees him completely done (and he's also on the hobby season list, I'm staying really focused here aren't I!)

I'm particularly pleased with his back banner, I see it as a roll call list of battlefield honours, and much easier to paint than something freehand!

Then finally for this week, another item on my hobby season list (whaat? What is this heresy, and what have you done with the real Nick) and a model that regularly sees inclusion in my lists - the Assault Cannon Razorback 'Justice'. This thing (and the other that I sometimes put in there as well) always does good work for me in my games - it's not quite done yet, the gunner needs a few details completing and there's battle damage to apply, but it's more close to completion than a lot of the armies and models I face regularly.

So, as a last passing thought, as most of you will know I'm involved in a project looking at setting up some events promoting the narrative side of the 40k gaming scene, and one thing we're looking at doing is producing video battle reports to complement that. To further round out our repertoire, I'm considering doing some video reviews on my own projects. Let me know in the comments if that's something you'd like to see, and I'll make it happen. For now, I'm thinking along the lines of supplementing what I currently do on the blog, so looking at unit reviews, army selection videos etc. I might throw in the odd painting tutorial if there's a demand for it, but there are plenty of guys out there more capable than I in that regard so that won't form part of things initially (maybe a hazard stripe tutorial though?).

Let me know what you think, and if you'd be interested in seeing any other content along those lines from me.

Till next time,

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