Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Hobby season - short term goals 2 & 3 - TO DONE!

Hi all! Well today after my hobby season success of last week, I have a couple more stamps to award myself for staying focused!

Short term goal 2

First up, we have 9 sniper scouts, to support my current strength of 6. These guys form the troops contingent in my standard 2,000pt list in three squads of five. I'd like to use tactical marines more often but in the current edition I just don't rate their damage output that highly whilst their survivability has taken a huge nerf. With camo cloaks, my scouts get a 2+ save in cover, same as a tactical marine, and with 15 sniper rifles trained on enemy characters, I've got plenty of threat and potential to take out aura effects before they become too harmful to my force.

Whilst they are done, these guys will be getting re-based in time, onto 32mm bases because I think they look much, much better for marines and even some of these scouts poses are a little big for the 25mm bases.

Whilst I applaud the posability of the new plastic kit, to be honest, I prefer the older metal models that are included in this squad because they are considerably more detailed. More annoying to paint, and more liable to being chipped, but more detailed all the same!

Short term goal 3

Next up we have the remaining devastators. No-one who's faced me or read my thoughts on 8th edition can be in any doubt that I think these guys are smoking hot in the game right now, so I'm pretty pleased to have 5 squads painted up. Now I just need to add a squad of multi-meltas and I'm done with devastors for a while, having all the options available!

First up, the ultimate versatile weapon - the missile launcher. 25 points may be a bit steep when using the frag option, but if you're facing trukk loads of boys you'll be glad of the ability of the missile launcher to adapt to both types of target as required, rather than having an anti tank squad pounding at the trukk and a volume fire unit sat around doing nothing until it's destroyed.

Then we have plasma cannons, the nutter's weapon, as I like to call it. Decent strength, a reasonable volume of fire and good AP means that there's not much you can't like about this gun. Until you turn it up to 11!

And finally, heavy bolters. Classic, Iconic, Brutal. Whatever you want to call it I don't think a space marine collection is really complete without a squad of these guys, and with horde armies being quite popular at the moment they've now jumped back into the 'useful' bracket. If only they were S6 I'd love them!

Well that's it for now - till next time, when I may very well have another batrep for you all as I'm facing Chaos (with Abaddon) tonight!

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