Monday, 16 October 2017

Hobby update 16/10/17 - where has October gone?

Greetings all, just a quick update for you all today, as I appear to have misplaced a couple of weeks of October! With a busy weekend visiting family just gone and a long weekend away coming up painting time may be a bit sparse for a couple of weeks, but here goes with what I've got so far!

First up, here's the latest progress on my new Tau scheme. It started out slow, but my love for this scheme is growing each and every time I do a bit more work on it!

Above, the main armour colours are almost done. I start with a Rhinox hide basecoat, then look to add in corner and edge highlights with a series of lighter browns and oranges. The turquoise elements will be done to represent power glow, and the guns and other smaller details I'm going to keep that pale cream colour (Rakarth Flesh) to give some variety to the model. I'm also keeping some leadbelcher elements on the model, also for a bit of variety but I also think that whilst Tau tech is clean, it's still metallurgical rather than the wraithbone constructs of the Aeldari, where metal parts would look odd.

Here we are with the next stage complete, laying out the paler colour of the weapon construction to leave agrax earthshade in the recesses. This will be edge highlighted later with Pallid Wych Flesh.

My next key deadline is getting a 2000pt list fully painted for Never Mind the Blog Wars. It's mostly done, but above you can see my two armorium cherubs starting to come together for my devastator squads.

And last week I got my 2nd Razorback into the almost complete pile, just a few rivets etc to do!

And finally, you can see I've been putting in some time on the bloodcrushers I'm working on as a commission. The details on these guys are taking forever, particularly since I decided to use a white spray undercoat to give the reds more vibrancy - that's definitely worked, but the payback is that the metallic parts take ages!

Till next time, when there'll be a finished Razorback and lots more (I hope) progress on the bloodcrushers!

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