Wednesday, 18 October 2017

The Dark Imperium Premier League

Greetings all! I thought that today I'd talk to you about something I'm running over at my club at the moment - the Dark Imperium Premier League. This is a league where club members could challenge other participants to a game and for those games to mean something rather more than just who got bragging rights for the next week.

Every thursday evening, I pack up my troops and trundle along to Asfordby where my club meets in the village hall. We're a relatively small club (though always happy to welcome new members if you're in the area) but we get a nice variety of games played. The clear favourite of most club members is 40k however, and despite brief dalliances with 30k and AoS, the release of the Dark Imperium boxed set and 8th edition rules got us all very excited for 40k once more.

Never one to miss on an opportunity to jump on a bandwagon and organise something, I decided to try my hand at running a league for 40k (I've done this before for bloodbowl, but our last attempt at a 40k league fell a bit flat I'm sad to say).

I felt therefore that it was important to keep things simple and not impose too many restrictions on games, that would allow the widest range of players, and I was hoping for 6+ participants so that everyone could get at least 5 games in.

In the end, we got 11 players (technically 12 but one had to withdraw due to moving away for university) so a nice 10 games each. I decided to place the following restrictions on matches to qualify.

Game size should aim for 2000pts, but could be adjusted to suit particular armies. This would avoid some matchups being unbalanced if lower point games were used.

No requirement to stick to a particular list, so tailoring to face a particular faction would be permitted.

Games would of course use up-to-date FAQ's, and new codeci would be used, though use of stratagems from them etc would need to be agreed with opponents before the game (no-one has yet taken issue with this).

Missions wouldn't be fixed, so a nice spread of options would be available to players (I think all games have used maelstrom so far).

I didn't impose any requirement for painted models and would allow proxied models (provided there were actual models) so that players could start a new army if they wished, or try out units they were thinking of getting.

We have 2 space marine players (1 Imperial Fists, 1 Ultramarines), 3 Chaos Marines, 2 Orks, 1 Ynnari, 1 Dark Angels, 1 Tyranids and 1 Imperium.

I went with the usual 3 pts for a win, 1 for a draw and 0 for losing, with a bonus point if you tabled your opponent or they conceded. Ties would be resolved by victory point totals (so playing to those maelstrom missions would be key) with scoring possible on the turn the game ended if it were a tabling or concession.

- - - - -

We're a few games into the league now, and yours truly is at the top of the pile (wahey!) with 4 wins from my 6 games. I'm not getting too smug about that though, since my nearest challenger has two games in hand on me, and plenty of the other guys have only played a couple of games so far. In fact, in terms of games played, I've done 6, 3 others are on 4 games, 2 more have played 3 games, 4 have played only 1 and our final player has yet to get off the mark, so there's loads to play for. On the flip side of that, I've definitely been playing the missions well, because I'm averaging 13.5 victory points per game with 81 total, whilst my nearest challenger in that respect has played 4 games and is on 31.

I'll keep you all updated with progress in the league as it goes on, my next match is organised for tomorrow when I'm playing a Chaos Alpha Legion list (and the best player at our club to boot!).

Wish me luck!

ps. here are some pics from my games so far!

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