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Hobby update - 27-11-17

Greetings all,
It's been a couple of weeks since I last did a hobby update, so I figured I'd let you know where I was with everything. First up though, it's my birthday at some point in the next 7 days, so I'm hoping that next week I'll have a nice hobby haul to show you all!

In the meantime, please take a hop on over to my sister blog, the Grim Dark Brotherhood, where I'm starting to add more regular content now in terms of a tale of 3 gamers that we're embarking on. You'll soon even be able to see me in video format on our youtube channel, but I'll blow all the trumpets and ring the bells etc when that launches.

In the meantime, what have I been up to since my last hobby update?

Well, a combination of a few things actually, but most of that has been going into commission work. Here's the execution force I've been working on:

Apologies for the dodgy photos, they were taken at work when I'd finished a lunchtime painting session. Rest assured I'll be taking some better quality pics of these before I send them back off to the client.

I've also been working on my daemons commission, though haven't got pics of that at the moment (soon).

Apart from that, I've been working on my Eldar - a new army that I'm starting as part of the tale over on the GDBrotherhood blog. Most of the picture updates will be over there, but here's a few teasers for you to encourage you to go and have a look (shameless plug, I'm sorry).

As you can tell, I'm going high contrast with this army so it should look pretty striking on the tabletop!

In other news, The Dusk Knights haven't rested since their involvement in NMTBW a couple of weeks ago, and on Thursday they took to the field once more to punish the heretical forces of the Blood God.

This list would have been inadmissible at NMTBW due to it containing 3 devastator squads, but it was still quite fun to play with, especially the self-massacring plasma cannon squad. Sadly I didn't take any other pictures of the game as I got very involved. Chapter Master Regulo however was an absolute star player for me, diving into the action to help out the Imperial Knight when it failed(!) to cause any damage to a Rhino in combat carrying a squad of Chosen and a Chaos Lord. Regulo's personal kill tally rose that night to the tune of 5 possessed, 6 chosen and the aforementioned Chaos Lord. 

Sadly the game did nothing to convince me that terminators are a worthy choice, and whilst they did manage a 9" charge on turn 1 to silence the Chaos Vindicator, they then took 4 turns of combat to take down 5 chaos marines (using power sword and lightning claws). 3 of the enemy unit were wiped out when the vindicator detonated, and the last two fled a turn later. It's true my rolling for them was sub-par overall, but I really haven't ever seen terminators perform better than they should, and they're usually much worse.

Then, on Friday I had a rare gaming night at my house, and in the spirit of getting games in with lots of people, we had a triple threat 500pt game as I took on Salamanders and Eldar with my Swords of Dawn. Being a mean git, I decided to take Raven Guard chapter tactics for them, which certainly paid off when the salamander with a lascannon failed to hit me all game. I'd taken the Primaris marines mainly for a laugh, thinking they wouldn't stand a chance, but the hellblasters did a brilliant job, taking out two units of dire avengers before they took the full force of a falcon grav tank to the face, but Captain Lox Kaitana avenged them by killing first the Eldar Warlock and then the Salamanders Techmarine to pick up both possible warlord kills. Sadly he then also got targeted by the falcon in turn. The game finished with a win for the Swords of Dawn, with 5 unit kills and 2 warlord points putting me comfortably at the top of the pile. Depending on the birthday haul they might get some reinforcements next week, we'll have to see!

Next post will be a revision of my hobby season goals, given that I've ditched some of the armies that appeared on there. Keep an eye out for that probably on Wednesday.

Till then,

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