Thursday, 9 November 2017

'Never Mind the Blogwars' - My Dusk Knight army 'Lest we forget'

Hi all, just a quick photo post today - this Saturday is 'Never Mind the Blog Wars', run by Alex at From the Fang. I've always enjoyed Alex's take on running tournaments, so was really pleased when he decided to run an 8th edition singles event that I could make once more!

5 of my close gaming buddies and I are making the trek up to Stockport for the event on the Friday night (Road Trip!!!) so we'll be fresh as daisies (haha, as if! Hungover like a dog is probably more accurate) for the games on the day.

As ever, whilst I have a lot of stuff painted for the Dusk Knights, there's always a few last details that need finishing and this event was no exception. I've finally got my armorium cherubs painted, and added a plasma pistol to the vanguard veterans (the other two carrying them in the list have them holstered thank goodness).

Then of course with a week to go I decided to add something new - some new objective markers (as my old ones were a bit basic and I've managed to lose one somewhere) and a proper 'tray' to shift my army around at the event. I say tray, I decided to make it dual purpose, so built a display tray with slots for each of the models on it so that not only would they be safer moving around the room between games, but they'd also look much more effective on display during the lunch break for best army judging.

Then I also realised that Saturday is Armistice Day, and given that this game we play is all about soldiers fighting and dying for a cause, I figured it was probably only fair to mark that in some way, so I decided to paint poppies on all the units. It's only a simple design, and will get painted over afterwards, but I really liked it as a mark of respect for all those who've given their lives in defence of their countries and their beliefs.

I'll stop talking now, here's some photos!

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