Friday, 1 December 2017

Revised hobby season goals!

Greetings all,
back in August, I decided to take part once again in the hobby season, an idea created by Dave Weston of 40k addict fame to try and ensure that he (and subsequently we) set out a plan for what we're attempting to achieve in any given year.

This year I've decided to really try and stick to it far more closely than I have done before, and I set some very specific goals to aim for. Then of course I changed my plans, and decided to go down the route of collecting Eldar instead of T'au Empire (for now). That also meant putting Genestealer Cult on hold for a while, so today's post is all about how I'm revising my goals to take account of those changes.

I've been writing all sorts of lists for my Eldar army now for a little while, and with this year's birthday having come and gone, it's safe to say that I'm going to be committing some funds to expanding that collection (well, once GW sort out their stock issues that is!).

So, without further ado, let's get on with it shall we?

Thankfully, all the short term goals (which are now slightly overdue, though only 1 is unfinished) were ok.

Medium term goal 1
This was my next army schemes. The GSC scheme is largely done, and I've nailed down the new Eldar scheme so that's about done anyway. The Eldar scheme simply replaces the Tau scheme (which was largely completed anyway)

Medium term goal 2
Originally this was a Tau broadside and 3 crisis suits. I may still tinker away with these, but medium term goal 2 is now painting the 12 windrider jetbikes I need to get done for my Eldar.

Medium term goal 3
Originally the neophytes, primus and magus for my GSC, as with the Tau above I might very well get some of this done, but medium term goal 3 is now a Vyper jetbike, Wave Serpent and Farseer skyrunner, along with a Terminator Librarian and an Ironclad dreadnought for the Dusk Knights.

Long term goals 1 and 2

Originally more stuff for the GSC and Tau, I'm now putting these on hold until I know what I'm doing next. There will be an Orlock gang to paint once they're released, and possibly some Eldar stuff that I don't know about yet cos I haven't finally decided what my larger lists will look like yet.

Next up I think will be a quick review of my first game of the new Necromunda (spoiler - it's bloody good!)

Till next time,