Sunday, 7 January 2018

Arbitrary milestones - 400,000 views and 600 posts

Hi all, just a quick post today to celebrate another arbitrary milestone for the blog - I'm into my 6th year of doing this now, and I honestly never considered that I'd either keep blogging for so long, or be so productive.

Over the Christmas period, the blog ticked over into the 400,000 views category, something of which I'm very proud, and according to my stats I've also published over 600 posts!

I'm honestly very flattered, considering that my first 200,000 views took me 4 years to achieve, to have gained another 200,000 views in 14 months is pretty staggering to my way of thinking. Thank you to you all for coming back, I hope I can continue to give you content that you want to read (and that you'll try and join me when the brotherhood start holding events this year).

Till next time,