Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Craftworld X Eldar - the results of the poll!

Greetings all - just a quick post today to say thank you to anyone who voted in my Craftworld naming poll! It was by far the most successful poll I've ever placed on the blog, and it was interesting to watch the favourite swing back and forth over the 2 months it was live. I'm very pleased to announce that the winner was...
erm, neither.

Mael Dannan took a strong lead in the early running, but then Il-Sariadh pulled it back and was ahead by 2 votes going into the last 5 days. With 1 day left to vote there was 1 vote in it, and some influential soul out there chose to even things up, whether out of mischief or preference it matters not, the final result of the poll was 12 votes apiece. On that basis therefore, I'm going to have to exercise my right as owner to pick between them. 

This is actually quite a difficult choice for me, because my inclination is always to go for the narrative I have complete control over. I do like the name Il-Sariadh however, and the background GW have for that craftworld is very cool and would easily fit into the theme of army I have in mind.

It's no good though, I can't get away from my underlying character, I want total control over the narrative background of the army, so the Craftworld will henceforth be known as Crafworld Mael Dannan.

Look out for the narrative behind them coming soon, I confess I started working on it in the early part of the poll when it looked like Mael Dannan would be the clear winner, but I can now go back to it safe in the knowledge it's not wasted effort.

Well, that's it for now, I've got loads of posts swimming round my head for release early this year so get ready to be bombarded with resolutions, plans, lists and narratives!

Till next time,

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