Thursday, 4 January 2018

Mandatory blogger resolution post - 2018 version 1.1

Greetings all, time for the mandatory hobby blogger resolution post 2018 version!

First up, as is becoming traditional, I'll do a quick resume of 2017's resolutions before I start making any new ones.

Blog aims:
Post 153 or more posts in the year. Success, I made 157 posts last year!
Reinstate/create some regular features. Success, I brought back funny Friday for a bit, and also introduced the Lesson Learned feature, as well as a blogger spotlight for a while.
Achieve over 20,000 views per month at least once and average over 18,000. Partial success, as both January and February exceeded 20k. As other blogs have seen though, views declined in the second half of the year so I failed to hit my 18,000 average target.
Get paid by Google. Success! clicks on ads are pretty slow at the moment, but not only did I manage to hit my target of reaching the adsense minimum threshold, I also got a little pay packet from Element Games thanks to my affiliate scheme advert. Keep on it people, it costs you nothing remember!
Feature a narrative campaign series using the Dusk Knights. Success in part, though 2018 will see a much more detailed and lengthy campaign series as the Dusk Knights return to Golovin once more after their involvement in the Indomitus Crusade.
Promote a more spotlight style of photography post when I finish painting a unit. Not really as yet.

Personal aims:
Buy no new minis in the first 6 months of the year. Success! Sadly I then splurged more than I should have in the second half, oops!
Expand on commission services. Success, I've completed more commissions in 2017, learning quite a bit in the process, and will be looking to keep that side of my hobby going in 2018.
Buy the Dwarf Bloodbowl team. Fail.
Continue to build/paint 300pts average per month. Easy.
Complete 'the first curse' formation for the Genestealer Cult. No longer relevant.
Finish painting 1000pts of III legion. No longer relevant.
Begin repainting Tau. No longer relevant.
Begin airbrushing. I did give it a go, but made rather a mess of it. I'm hoping to get hold of a decent airbrush and compressor in 2018.
Complete gaming table/storage space. Table is complete, now to finish the scenery for it!

Gaming aims:
Beat Ryan more often than he beats me. Fail, though in non-test 8th ed games it's 1-1 at present!
Achieve a 60%+ win rate with the Dusk Knights. 78% in 8th edition games.
Achieve a 50%+ win rate with the Obsidian Enclave. Not relevant.
Get into the playoffs of MAD League 3 Bloodbowl. Looking favourable at present.
Develop a consistently successful list for use with the Dusk Knights. Yep, see win rate!
Place in the top half of two different tournaments. Well I only played in two. Sadly dropped outside the top half in both, though I had a blast playing both of them so I'm not too bothered.

I'm not going to go into a percentage success rate, but that feels like a pretty successful year!

So, 2018 resolutions/aims!


  • Get 100+ members on the 40,000 Blogs facebook group
  • Post more often than in 2017
  • Feature the next Golovin narrative campaign, which should run to at least 10 games.
  • Complete codex reviews of the Craftworld Eldar book and at least one other, to be decided based on when codices are released.

Personal aims

  • Get my BMI down to 25 or less (see separate post coming on this)
  • Buy the Orlock Necromunda Gang and get it painted, so the brotherhood can get a Necromunda campaign underway.
  • Complete a 2000pt army for Craftworld Mael Dannan
  • Host the first Grim Dark Brotherhood doubles event, and get at least one other event planned this year.

Gaming aims

  • Achieve a 60% win rate (or higher) with Craftworld Mael Dannan.
  • Beat Ryan more often than he beats me
  • Stay in a playoff position in MAD League 3
  • Place in the top 3 of my club's 40k league (currently in 1st, but played more games than the rest)