Saturday, 6 January 2018

May the hobbyist be fitter - part 1

Greetings all, welcome to the first in a new series here on the burning eye, and one that doesn't really immediately jump out as one that gels perfectly with the main principle of the blog. Bear with me though, because there's a reason for this.

Speaking as a wargamer, there is a definite stereotypical image of us out there.

  • Overweight.
  • Poor diet.
  • Over-reliance on energy drinks, because, you know, wargaming requires stamina.
  • Rarely undertakes genuine physical exercise.
  • Probably has a beard.
  • Might very well be balding.
  • Socially awkward.
  • Body odour issues.
  • Ignorance of anything resembling 'fashion' or 'appropriate' clothing.
There are probably more points on that list, but I can confidently say I tick at least 7 of the 9 boxes, and I've decided that it's about time I did something about as many of them as I can. 

I'm a Dad, father of 2 amazing little girls, and yet I'm ashamed to say that I'm out of breath when I carry them from the car to their rooms when we get back to the house late at night. I also have a snoring issue, which keeps my wife awake, and means that when I do get sleep, I don't rest as well as I should.

I want to fix this, and I want to fix it this year. 

As I write this, I have a BMI of 32.1, which puts me in the obese class, something that my own personal pride is quite ashamed of. In order to get down to a BMI of 25, which granted is a smidge over the healthy value but by an amount I could live with, I need to lose 23 kilos.

That makes a pretty simple target I guess, 2 kilos per month by the end of the year to get to a place where I want to be, if I can do that even quicker then all to the good.

Losing weight is one thing, but getting to an all-round healthier lifestyle is a completely different objective. With that in mind, I figured I'd not only write this as a series (in part to help keep me accountable) but I'd also enlist the help of a friend from where the title of the series comes. 

Many of you may be familiar with the name Toby Liddiard, he's a regular attendee to the SN Battle Reports No Retreat tournaments, and frequents Warhammer World and its tournaments more than anyone else I know. He's also Director of H3 Performance in Nottingham however, and is the most energetic person I've ever met.

So this series isn't just about me. It's about any hobbyist who thinks that they should be (or wants to be) fitter and healthier than they are. And to help me/you, I've asked Toby to write a few lines for each post in the series, giving some simple advice on fitness that we can all learn from, with the intention to help our hobbyists become fitter. 

In the meantime, if you live in the Nottingham area, may I strongly suggest you check out H3 performance and consider them if you're looking to become a member of a gym to get fitter in the new year, it's only a 10 minute drive from Warhammer World!