Saturday, 13 January 2018

May the hobbyist be fitter - Part 2

Greetings all, time for my first update then! I've embarked on a course this year to improve my general health and wellbeing, and lose weight, because this sedentary hobby of ours has been taking its toll on my physique for too many years (honestly when I started at Uni I was a 28" waist. I'm now a 36" with 'stretch').

So, headline result, given nearly two weeks of eating more sensibly (I haven't changed my meals particularly, just made them a more reasonable size) I've managed to lose...

4.4 kilos

New BMI 32.2

Remaining target 24.4 kilos

That's not bad for the first couple of weeks. Now obviously the weight you put on most recently is usually the easiest to get rid of, and the Christmas period often over-inflates my overall weight compared to its 'normal' figure, but even so this is an encouraging start. Many weight loss and diet programmes fall away in the early weeks because people don't see the immediate results they're looking for, motivation falls when changing diet or eating very little doesn't have the desired effect and the plans are abandoned.

Now for reasons given in my first post, I can't afford to abandon this plan anyway, but it's certainly an encouragement to see it working already.

The second element of the plan is to increase my physical fitness and strength, so initially I've embarked on a programme of daily exercises that will increase as the year goes by. So far, I've gotten to a point of doing 15 push ups daily (might not sound much, but given I've done no regular exercise like this for several years it's a decent start). Once that gets comfortable I'll increase it to 20 and so on, and start to introduce other exercises too. As with the rest of this, the idea is that this will be a sustainable thing, so I've got no plans to join a gym at the moment (can't afford a membership fee yet) as I want to be able to do this all either at home, or from home for now. That being said, when I used to be a member of a gym, I found exercise much easier and more fun, so had I the time and disposable income to do so I'd rejoin in a heartbeat - having an actual formal programme to work to that's been designed by a professional would certainly be a better way of going about this, I just can't commit to that right now.