Saturday, 20 January 2018

May the Hobbyist be fitter - Part 3

Greetings all, welcome to part 3 of my series on being a fitter hobbyist, and all round more healthy person! I've now been monitoring my weight for almost three weeks, and am gradually trying to increase the amounts of physical exercise I'm doing, but in such a fashion that I don't end up pulling/straining something and having to take backwards steps.

So, the headline as always, is the amount of weight I've actually lost. The top weight from which I started was 108.8 kilos, and from that I can confirm that I've lost

5.8 kilos

New BMI: 31.8

Remaining target: 23 kilos

Whilst obviously this isn't quite as impressive a figure as this time last week (1.4kg loss this week), I do think there are a few reasons for this.

  1. The first few kilos I needed to lose were those that I put on over the Christmas period, which I think were slightly inflated figures because over that period my family tends to do lots of big meals, entertaining etc and so weight can be maintained artificially high.
  2. I was less strict over last weekend about what I ate having had quite a good week. This resulted in my weight going up by half a kilo over the weekend, which wasn't an issue as such, because I was still down on my weight the previous weekend but obviously in absolute terms it's meant that this week I'm starting from a point higher than it should be. 
  3. I've started increasing the amount of strengthening exercises I'm doing, which should now be building muscle mass, meaning that I'm having to balance overall weight loss of fat with weight gain from muscle.
  4. I've not been quite so disciplined this week in terms of dieting and snacks. No excuse for this, except that there is a tube of Pringles in the cupboard that keeps calling to me. The only up side is that previously I'd have demolished the whole tube in one sitting, whereas now it's lasted all week!
At last week's update, I was doing 15 push ups per day. This week I've started trying to increase the amount of strengthening exercises I'm doing, and so whenever I've felt that I've got to a point that I'm not pushed (pun intended) to the limit, I've added extra repetitions. I'm now at the point where I've managed to add an extra 10 push ups per day (now doing 25) and have added squats to the list, starting at 25 I'm now up to 40.

A few of you have recommended training programmes or workout dvd's, for which I'm grateful, I'll certainly look at those in the future.

Next week I'm going to look to further increase the strengthening exercises, though I'll also be looking to change the time at which I weigh myself, which might mean a small change to the figured obtained. On that subject actually, I use a spreadsheet to monitor my weight loss and exercises etc. One of the things that I've always found with this sort of thing is that weighing yourself every day can deliver drastically different results (for example last week I apparently put on 0.5 kilos in one day, despite no significant alteration to my food intake etc). Because of that, I use a spreadsheet that compares my weight on any particular day to my weight from the previous week, thus evaluating myself over a 7-day period, which I find gives much more predictable and consistent results. I know a lot of people say that when you're dieting you shouldn't weigh yourself every day but should give it at least a week. That's not how I am though, when I do something like this I'm always on it, wanting to know what the latest figure is, so by comparing myself to the previous week I'm able to satisfy my own psyche whilst not obsessing too much about individual daily losses or gains.

Still, onwards and downwards!

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