Sunday, 28 January 2018

May the hobbyist be fitter - Part 4

Greetings all! Welcome to part 4 of my series on losing weight and getting fitter! It's a day late this week due to real life getting in the way on Friday and Saturday, but hey ho, that happens I'm afraid.

Unfortunately, thanks to the aforementioned real life appointments (namely finishing work at my current job and spending the whole afternoon/evening in the pub) I didn't get a weight measurement on Friday, and we then had a pizza dinner with friends on Saturday, which wasn't exactly great. However, whilst my overall weight loss figure has actually gone down slightly from last week's post, my weekly comparisons have still got me tracking anything between 0.7 and 1.5 kilos less than the same day in the previous week.

Total weight loss: 5.7 kilos

New BMI: 31.8

Remaining target 23.1 kilos

As I said above though, without weighing myself on Friday night for a 7-day comparison and taking into account those factors, my Saturday night weight loss was 1.1 kilos from the previous week, so although the 'headline' figure went the wrong way this week, that may have been skewed slightly by the unusual circumstances. I'll do a quick update again in my hobby post on Monday using Sunday's weight figure, which should be a little more illustrative of where I'm actually at.

I'm also looking at adding some cardio exercises in this week, so the push ups and squat work I've been doing should hopefully pay off when I start that.

Till next time!