Thursday, 1 February 2018

Squaduary 2018 - my pledge!

Greetings all, welcome to the latest community painting event, (I'm thinking about putting together one of my own for this year, but have yet to decide which month to go for and what to suggest).

Squaduary is run by Rory over at Stepping Between Games and challenges a blogger to paint up a squad within the month. I've tended to view these kinds of challenges mainly as a reason to take out a squad that you've not done anything with for a long time and to finally get it off the shelf, so whilst my first leanings were towards painting up my Asuryani Windriders, I figured that actually I've got far older squads of stuff sat around that really deserve the attention in spite of the Eldar being my current obsession.

These for example! The Swords of Dawn first saw the table the week after 8th edition was released, but given my stubborn refusal to mix them in with 'normal' marines, they soon realised their own shortcomings - mainly that I needed more Primaris stuff to go with them but I didn't have the funds to commit to getting new models.

I'm not sure what re-ignited my excitement about them, but I have found myself looking longingly at the models once more in recent weeks, and Squaduary seemed the perfect opportunity to finally get those Intercessors done. Problem is, I've already started them, and my conscience (I call him Jiminy) was getting grumpy about the idea of only finishing off a squad. Added to that of course, I paint regularly enough to comfortably get a squad done in a month, so I figured I needed to make this more of a challenge.

So, my Squaduary pledge:

10 Intercessors.

3 Reivers

3 Inceptors

6 Windriders

Does that sound like enough of a challenge? I think given the detail I want to put into the Windriders they will certainly take some time to do, so whilst the Intercessor scheme isn't too complex and should be pretty straightforward, I think the volume combined with the complexity on the other models is enough to make it worthwhile! Plus, it'll get me sorted on a few of my hobby season goals too!

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