Monday, 12 March 2018

Hobby update week 10 - Devastation

Greetings all! Another week goes by and another week without a game (insert sad face here). I did manage to get some decent painting progress done this week though, which was nice!

Dusk Knights
Following last week's Ironclad, I got some time in on some of the other models in my throne of skulls list!

Really, really pleased with these guys. Sure, they may not be the most competitive choice out there but I think I've found a way of giving them some teeth in a list.

Then today I decided to do a little more for my Swords of Dawn - told you I've been inspired by getting them done for Squaduary!

Now there's still plenty to do on him, but I'm pretty pleased with how it's looking so far!

Anyone fancy donating a Repulsor for them? Haha!

Till next time,

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