Monday, 5 March 2018

Hobby update week 9 - Clad in iron

Greetings all, welcome to my latest glimpse into my hobby world. This week's a fairly quiet one I'm afraid, mainly because I don't want to repeat all the pics from Squaduary that I posted last week.

So, the next big thing in my hobby life is my very first attendance at a Warhammer World tournament. That's right, I'm going along to throne of skulls in April with some mates to celebrate his impending marriage. So having sketched out a couple of lists to meet the 100 power level list requirements for the event, I played a game with one of them a few weeks back and loved it so much I just had to ditch the other alternatives right away. The only downside is I've only painted 6 of the models I needed for it. On the upside, that means I only have 5 more to paint (yep, that's right, my 100PL list has a grand total of 11 models in it! At least I should get through my games quick, right?)

So, last week I started on the first of those models that needed to be finished, and here he is...

Sadly that's about it for progress this week since squaduary. I'm working on some centurions next so should hopefully that them to show off next week, along with hopefully a few Eldar bits too!

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