Dusk Knights Structure

This page contains a full breakdown of the Dusk Knights Organisational Structure. Go ahead - click on the links and see what is where (not much at the moment, but I'm working on it!).

1st Company 'Eternals'
Led by Captain Andreo, the Eternals are the veterans of the chapter. Unlike many chapter structures, the Dusk Knights pay more heed to their Black Templars roots than the strict organisation laid down in the Codex Astartes, and therefore the Eternals number in excess of the 100 warriors that tome would dictate.

As such, membership of the company is not predicated on the 'dead man's boots' principle of most chapters, instead warriors are inducted into the company when their experience and ability is deemed sufficient by their Captain. Once inducted into their ranks, a warrior will perform a particular role until their death, specialising in a particular type of warfare in the same way that the battle companies of the Dusk Knights are adapted for particular roles and environments. The first company boasts squads of Sternguard, efficient killers able to fight under the most extreme pressure whilst still acting as a tactically flexible force, Vanguard, the most brutal and skilled fighters of the assault company honoured with weapons equivalent to their station, and Terminators, relentless, indefatigable warriors who take pride in breaking the most defiant of enemies.

Given their relative abundance within the chapter, each of the battle companies rarely goes to war without the support of several squads of Eternals. Distinctive white helmets mark them out on the battlefield, always found where the fighting is at its most fierce, inspiring their brethren to great acts of valour and leading by example. Each Eternal is also trained to act as a squad sergeant if necessary, ensuring the chain of command and leadership is never broken.

2nd 'Crusader' Company
Led by Captain Jax Iago. When the Dusk Knights were founded, Grand Master Haakon made it a principle tenet of the Chapter's organisation and operation that one company would forever be on crusade, preserving the traditions of their Black Templars roots. That Company is the 2nd, under the command of Captain Iago.

3rd 'Strike' Company
The Strike company is used most often in offensive operations. One of the key tenets of the Dusk Knights is that they refuse to allow the encroaching darkness in the galaxy to take hold, and they are always amongst the first of the Space Marine chapters to respond when the opportunity arises to prosecute the enemies of mankind on their own ground.

The 3rd have therefore made themselves at home on many different battlegrounds, including the craftworld of Sethoywan, Badlanding in the Ork Empire of Charadon, and many worlds of the Tau empire as part of the Damocles Gulf crusade.

Due to their operation within other, larger, Imperial undertakings, the 3rd company eschew the airborne deployment methods typical of the space marines in general, operating from ground based vehicles such as Landraiders, Rhinos and Razorbacks as the devastating tip of the Imperial advance. Their ranks contain much of the heavier armour available to the chapter, and their warriors train extensively in the use of assault bikes, and can often be seen in action from such mounts.

4th 'Hazard' Company
The hazard company is the first response company of the Dusk Knights, sent to the most dangerous battlefields and inhospitable environments when Imperial citizenry needs their assistance. It led ably led by Captain Alvaro.

The hazard company makes extensive use of drop pods for insertion into enemy territory, and the assault squads that would normally make up part of a battle company are instead dedicated to the operation of the company strength of close air support craft and land speeders.

The mentality of the warriors of the 4th is one of supreme confidence tempered by humility, and as such it contains a high proportion of the chapters dreadnoughts - these mighty heroes of times past relish the chance to brings their skills to the fiercest fights, and the company is bolstered significantly by their presence.

5th 'Shield' Company

6th 'Pilgrim' Company

7th 'Void' Company

8th 'Storm' Company

9th 'Inferno' Company

10th 'Shadowstalkers' Company